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At Nude Foods Market we believe in TOTAL transparency.

We don’t want to ‘greenwash’ what we do. We are honest and upfront, even when things are not perfect.

We are ALWAYS trying to do better so if you have any suggestions for us, we’d love to hear them. Please send to

Are we truly Zero-Waste?

We try our darndest to eliminate waste as far back in the supply chain as humanly possible however, some of our suppliers are only set up to get us goods in single-use packaging meaning we cannot always be 100% zero-waste.

For example, oats come in a 50lb paper bag. We recycle this bag but sadly, it’s still single use. The way we see it is that a 50lb bag of oats uses WAY less packaging than 50 x 1lb packages of oats so we’re still significantly reducing packaging.

Our intention is to tread as lightly as humanly possible on this earth. We think through the impact of every product from the seed to when it reaches your doorstep. As we grow, we will be able to push for more change from more of our suppliers.

We aim to help create a food system that improves the health of our lands, our communities and ourselves.

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