Organic Oat Milk

$4.30$7.50 available on subscription

Organic Oat Milk – 4 cup jar
$4.30 available on subscription
Organic Oat Milk – 8 cup jar
$7.50 available on subscription

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Nude Made Organic Oat Milk

Vegan • Gluten Free

Our oat milk hits all the right notes of a plant based milk – silky, creamy, and smooth compared to other milk alternatives!

Goes well with: Organic Nine Grain Cereal

We love it in: Organic Brain Sustain Dark Roast Coffee by Peak State or Recovery Microgreen Tea by Beyond Microgreens!

Ingredients: Water, Organic steel cut oats, Amylase Enzyme, Pink Himalayan Salt

Packaging: Brought to you in a reusable glass jar, please return it for cleaning and reuse (and to get your jar deposit back minus a small cleaning fee).

Sizes: 4 cups / 8 cups

Origin: Boulder

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4 cup jar, 8 cup jar

Try using it to make our wonderful Banana Bread

We Love It With: Reusable Nude Foods Snack Bag!