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Bouquets By Artemis Flower Farm 

We are happy to partner with Helen and Nelson at Artemis Flower Farm to bring you the most beautiful bouquets in Colorado. Brighten up your space with these gorgeous flowers from this excellent, ecology-focused farm! Their design favors wild, loose, organic-looking bouquets and arrangements that arch and sweep out of their containers, calling attention to the complex designs of nature herself. Because they grow their own material, they are intimately familiar with how the plant grows, and how it looks its best. We can go out to the field for that extra special something, and save that one perfect flower for exactly the right spot, and for the right person. Artemis loves crafting pieces that embody the spirit of the season. 

Artemis Flower Farm is owned and operated by Helen Skiba and her partner Nelson Esseveld. Helen is a Colorado native, former English major, and returned Peace Corps Volunteer. She is a dedicated grower and tender of soil, and brings a background in soil science and poetry to her field work, as well as a passion for intricate color and texture in her designs. She holds a Master’s of Agriculture from Colorado State University, where she completed her thesis in combination with her Peace Corps service in an indigenous community in the Ecuadorian Amazon. Helen volunteers as the Education Chair for the Flatirons Young Farmers Coalition to help others create strong, sustainable farm businesses.

Artemis Flower Farm is part of the Treehouse Farm Collective on North 63rd St in Longmont. Together with Speedwell Farm & Gardens and the Jolly Radish, Artemis focuses on the ecological health of the soil, plants, and animals on their farm, as well as on improving the social ecology of farmers and their communities. Artemis offers sustainably-grown wholesale flowers, retail bouquets, and on-farm workshops, along with farm-grown dahlia tubers and tulip bulbs sourced from Nelson Esseveld’s family in the Netherlands. Learn more about our farm and offerings at

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