Day 20: Zero Waste Your Kitchen

Kitchen’s can be a huge source of waste.

Packaging, kitchen roll, glad wrap…. the list is endless.

So here are some alternatives:

Instead of


Glad wrap

Beeswax Wrap

Parchment Paper

Silicone Baking sheets

Plastic bags for your veggies and salad

Use Vejibags (they keep things fresh FOREVER) and a Salad Sac (Keeps your salad crisp and yummy for aaaages!)

Bottled water

Use a water filter or add charcoal to your water

Plastic dish brush

Wooden dish brush (in store @ Nude Foods)

Disposable oil spray bottle

Gorgeous reusable oil spray bottle (I just bought one!)

Your poor hands

Silicone lid opener

Tea bags

Loose Tea and a Tea ball infuser

Plastic bags for snacks

Nude Foods silicone Sandwich bags and snack bags

Paper towels

Biodegradable Swedish cloths

Disposable Coffee Filters

Permanent coffee filter (in store) or Hemp-Cotton Reusable Coffee filter

Plastic bottles of dish soap

Vegan Dish Block or Dish Soap in resuable glass

Challenge 20:

Go through your kitchen and see what single use items you can replace with reusable items. Post about what you found.

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