Day 19: Toilet Paper!

According to NRDC, many major toilet paper brands are making their products from trees in the Canadian boreal forest, essentially supporting the logging of a vital environmental resource for a product that is LITERALLY flushed down the toilet.

Logging this forest releases 26 million metric tons of carbon emissions every year, and even toilet paper itself releases remaining carbon into the atmosphere because it has such a short life cycle.

For most products, the majority of its carbon footprint comes from extraction of resources so using recycled content is HUGELY beneficial.

Toilet paper made from new materials is worse because the extraction of wood pulp contributes to deforestation, fossil fuel emissions and water & energy use.

So it’s VITAL to use recycled paper.

We love Earth First Recycled Toilet Paper.

  • Made from 100% recycled paper and 80% post consumer content
  • Recycled toilet paper has 1/3 of the environmental impact of non-recycled
  • No unnecessary plastic packaging
  • No chlorine or other harmful chemicals used in the bleaching process
  • Recycled-content toilet paper may be a more sustainable alternative to bidets in water-scarce regions like Colorado where saving water is a top priority

Challenge 19:

Change to recycled toilet paper. You can find it HERE!

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