Day 18: Use a Menstrual Cup. Period.


In the United States alone, approximately 12 billion pads and 7 billion tampons are discarded each year. WHAAAAAT?!

These take years to break down in landfill, and many are flushed down the toilet (ew) and end up causing wastewater treatment facilities a ton of problems.

A silicone menstrual cup creates 99.6% less impact to the environment than using sanitary pads and 94% less plastic waste than tampons over a span of 10 years so here are 11 reasons why YOU should give one a try (or buy one for the women in life : )

  1. They are honestly VERY easy to use. Once you get the hang of them they’re just as easy to use as a tampon.
  2. Save Money. One cup will last you a long time. Many users claim at least 10 years.
  3. They’re safer. Tampons come with the chance of Toxic Shock Syndrome. No chance of that with a cup.
  4. You never run out. You’ll always have your one cup available as it never gets used and discarded.
  5. You can go MUCH longer between changes. The chances of TSS from a tampon become high at 8 hours whereas you can go at least 12 hours between changes with a cup.
  6. Holds more liquid. A normal tampon holds 6-9 grams of liquid. A menstrual cup holds almost 5x that amount!
  7. Leak Less. When inserted properly (see point 1) the cup creates a suction and collects all liquid whereas a tampon can shift and create leakage.
  8. No unsightly strings. Wearing a swimsuit with a string accidentally hanging out is NOT a good look!
  9. Chemical free. Almost all tampons contain bleached rayon – a material that creates the possibly carcinogenic byproduct dioxin. Plus you’re shoving BLEACH up there! WOAH. Menstrual pads are only better in that they keep the bleach n’ stuff on the outside but still too close for comfort.
  10. Carry less. No more having spare tampons in every purse your own (or risking them falling out at inopportune moments….)
  11. You CAN change them in a public bathroom (although you shouldn’t need to given how long they last). Just take a paper towel into the stall, empty your cup down the toilet, wipe clean and reinsert.
  12. Eco Friendly. Loop Menstrual Cups (carried at Nude Foods) are made of 100% natural rubber so will even biodegrade eventually (don’t worry, not while you’re using them!)

Top Tip: Empty your cup in the shower in the morning.

If the idea of collecting your flow in a menstrual cup grosses you out then just picture the pile of blood engorged, bleach-filled tampons sitting in landfill.

Yup, much more gross.

Give a menstrual cup a try, I PROMISE you will be so happy you did!

Challenge 18:

Buy a menstrual cup and give it a try OR send this blog post to the women in your life. Not everyone knows these exist or the dangers they’re putting themselves and the earth in by using the alternatives.

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