Day 16: Party Hard (but responsibly)

Get rid of goody bags!

I find it so odd that my kids go to someone else’s birthday party and THEY get gifts. It’s not their birthday!!! They’ve already had cake and plenty of other ‘treats’ as well as a damn good time with their friends, more gifts are not only wasteful (hands up who hates more small plastic toys in their home) but also spoiling to our kids. It’s teaching them to want more STUFF.

If you can’t bear to not provide something then how about a book swap? Everyone brings an old book and swaps it for someone else’s old book.

Don’t underestimate the joy of something being new to you rather than having to be new new.

Second Hand Gifts

Building on the theme of things being new to you, why not shop second hand for gifts? If you know the perfect thing to get someone then search FB Marketplace and Craigslist or head to a consignment store. For me, a second hand gift is always so much more meaningful because I know it took much more effort and thought for the giver to find.

Say no to gifts or only ask for what you need

It’s hard not to feel like Scrooge when writing this but my friends and I have started to say no gifts to each other for our birthdays. It takes the pressure off and makes the birthday all about spending quality time together instead.

Prioritize Experiences

Objects lose value while memories are priceless. Instead of contibuting to consumer waste by giving physical gifts, plan an experience that will be remembered and appreciated for a lifetime. My kids get art classes, riding lessons or a trip to the movies. My husband and I plan a weekend away for each other.


Regifting is cool : ) Just because you don’t have a use for something you’re given doesn’t mean that someone else shouldn’t. If you get a gift you don’t absolutely love or need, then put it in a potential regift box. Either you’ll find a need for it at some point or it will come in handy when you need to get someone a gift and have left it til the last minute : )

Give Zero Waste Gifts

If you have to give a ‘thing’ make sure it is reusable and environmentally sustainable. Gifts like reusable coffee mugs and water bottles are not only stylish but also serve as a reminder to people that replacing single-use items with something reusable is totally easy. We have TONS of zero waste gifts at Nude Foods. Check out Rainbow Stainless Steel CutleryInsulated Stainless Steel Food Jar + Mini ContainersWater BottlesMetal To Go ContainersInsulated Lunch Tote made from recycled plastic bottles and Insulated Mugs.

Zero Waste Gift Wrap

Single-use wrapping paper isn’t actually recyclable. Use materials like newspaper, brown delivery paper, handkerchiefs, t-shirts or reusable bags to wrap your gifts instead. If you’re feeling really creative (and have time) you can even find newspaper and magazine articles that are relevant to the recipient to wrap their gift in.

Challenge 16:

Find some things in your house that you could regift and surprise a friend with a present you think they’ll love.

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