Day 15: Go Bag Free

This one is SO simple.

If you’re composting properly then your tiny bit of remaining trash should be pretty clean and dry.

If you’re still using a plastic trash bag to line your can, STOP.

It’s unnecessary.

You’re just adding a ton of plastic to landfill.

Your bin is already made of plastic or metal so is super easy to rinse out or give a good clean every now and again. Bin bags are a myth.

And definitely don’t use them in smaller bins around the house as again, all it takes is a good rinse to get them clean.

If you are unable to compost, consider using a large yoghurt tub with a lid / lidded bucket to collect food scraps and keep in the fridge or freezer until trash day, and empty these directly into the external bin.

Challenge 15

Stop Using Bin Bags. Simple : )

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