Day 14: Share the Love

Getting people to change their shopping habits to zero waste is REALLY hard.

Most people have been grocery shopping for years and don’t have the mental energy to make (what they see as) a big change.

Moving from a store with familiar, colorful packaging that they recognize in an instant to a store with clean glass jars, a deposit and return system and the ability to check out on your phone can be mind blowing!

The best way we’ve seen to get people to change is by SHOWING them rather than just telling them.

So your challenge today is simple.

Challenge 14:

Bring a friend (who has never shopped with us) to Nude Foods Market at some point THIS week and you’ll BOTH get 15% off ALL your purchases.

All you need to do is introduce them to a Nude Foods team member as a new shopper and they’ll give you the code for 15% off.


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