The opposite of zero waste is the average American, producing 1,704 pounds of trash each year. That’s enough to fill 23 million garbage trucks, which is 50 garbage trucks per minute!

And before we pat ourselves on the back for our awesome recycling habits here in Colorado, only 12% of our waste gets recycled, which is well under the national average of 35%.

We hear that so many people feel totally powerless against the ever growing tsunami of plastic. It has become a seemingly inevitable part of life.

We also understand that most people don’t have the time or energy to do what each of us were doing (schlepping miles to go to a bulk store every 3 months, painstakingly finding out where to recycle every aspect of our lives and going without a lot of our favorite snacks because they were packaged in plastic. Ugh.)

We knew there had to be a solution.

We also knew that most people hate all this waste, they just don’t have a better alternative. So a group of serial entrepreneurs got together – each from different walks of life with different skill sets, but equally passionate about putting a stop to this crazy cycle of waste.

We decided to launch Nude Foods Market, this zero-waste grocery and household products delivery service based in Boulder, CO.

Nude Foods makes it easy for EVERYONE to choose zero waste.

The team spends hours debating jute vs recycled cotton vs reused cardboard vs recycled plastic boxes as the least environmentally impactful and most durable delivery containers.

Searching far and wide to find farmers using sustainable practices, we purchase from only the best.

We give local makers an alternative sales channel where they don’t have to use any packaging.

Transparency is important to us and we are always looking to do better.

At this point, we’ve already saved 30,000 pieces of packaging and we’d love you to join the movement and do your part to reduce the mountains of plastic waste humans are producing.

Our store is at 3233 Walnut Street in Boulder, CO plus we offer delivery (by bike!)

Boulder and Denver are just the start! Soon we’ll be expanding delivery to Louisville, Lafayette, Niwot, and Gunbarrel.

Get to know the TEAM!

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